Zsh's extended glob, and Octopress's new_post script

If you’re here it’s because you’re a Zsh user, maybe you use Octopress and have come across the following error (or something similar):

zsh: no matches found: new_post[...]

Octopress’s documentation is Bash oriented, and so in the example above; the user would have likely read the documentation and tried something like this:

$ rake new_post["..."]

So here’s the problem, …other than you throwing junk into your Zsh configuration that before understanding what it all meant! …the problem is that you have something like this in your ~/.zshrc, or equivalent file:

setopt extended_glob

By setting this option you is turn on all kinds of globbing patterns that Zsh will expand and match against your files.

For some more in-depth info on Zsh’s expansion and globbing, I’d start here, and then later check out this.

So, here are a couple of solutions:

Alias rake such that globbing is disabled with:

alias rake="noglob rake"

Or always quote arguments given to rake:

rake "new_post[...]"

Note that I do not have quotes inside my square brackets. This was intentional.

Written: January 30th, 2012
Tags: zsh

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