My Xcode plug-in to have Clang format/style your code using the new clang-format

Recently added to Clang v3.4 are awesome tools for formatting your code and a new command clang-format.

Clang format can style code to guidelines of LLVM, WebKit, Google, Chromium, Mozilla, or you can create your own configurations.

I wrote an Xcode plug-in to use clang-format from within Xcode:


Pretty neat.

This was my first Xcode plug-in so that was pretty interesting and I learned a lot about Cocoa plug-ins, how Xcode’s implementation works, and some generally useful tricks for replacing ranges in text views and how to replace a selected range with a string of a different size and refit the selection for the inserted text.

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Written: January 7th, 2014
Categories: xcode, objc, clang, llvm, code