Building regexps in javascript

Let’s say you want to put together a JavaScript RegExp wherein you want, or need, to put together multiple strings or regexps then here’s the short version to get you on your way:

var re = new RegExp("some string" + /some.*(re)/.source);
"some string some        re".match(re);

Here’s a longer example showing a more in-depth and possibly practical example:

In this example let’s say you have something like an HTML table whose rows contain some information that you need to parse out, like ids,

var _ = require('underscore');

function Table(rows, options){
    if (!(this instanceof Table)){
        return new Table(rows, options);

    var self = this;

    self.rows = rows;
    self.options = options;

    self._id_for_row = function(row){
        var re = new RegExp(self.options.field_name + /_(\d+)/.source);
        return row.match(re)[1];

    self.row_ids = function(){
        return, self._id_for_row);

var table = new Table(
    ["user_name_field_1", "user_name_field_22", "user_name_field_23"],

# > console.log(table.row_ids());
# => [ '1', '22', '23' ]

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Written: January 5th, 2012
Categories: javascript, regexp, regular-expressions