Keeping your git repo clean of .orig files!

For teams building projects with git, a good habit is to rebase and merge often. This way, conflicts are less frequent and easier to resolve. Also, this helps keeps your branching hierarchy simpler. When people have trouble with git, often it’s because their branching hierarchy has become complex.

Keep things simple!

This post’s topic: how to clean up .orig files that may occur and build-up in your project’s repository.

  1. git clean

    One command that you’ll find quite useful is git clean, it removes untracked files from the working tree of your project. Most often you’ll use it like so:

     git clean -fd
The reason for this is that `git clean` won't even run unless you give it the
`-f` argument and `-d` will also remove directories that not under version

Another useful argument is `-n` which will do a dry-run and show you what would
be removed:

    git clean -nd
  1. Configure your mergetool

    You can also configure you mergetool to not preserve the .orig files, however not all Git mergetool’s support this feature and still preserve the .orig files even with this configuration:

     git config --global mergetool.keepBackup false
  2. Just ignore them!

    Add this to your project’s .gitignore file:


    This is the most simplest of all solutions and ultimately probably the best, if this what you choose to do the git clean will still be able to clean them but you will have to invoke it with the -x argument:

     git clean -fdx

If you’re already ignoring a lot of files or have files ignored that you need for your Development environment e.g. tags, logs, or config files then you just need to stipulate the path you want cleaned so they aren’t removed:

git clean -fdx app

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Written: December 3rd, 2011
Categories: git, automation, rebase