Mess up a rebase? reflog your problems away

There is no reason not to rebase your topic branches onto the mainline branches, i.e. dev/ master, if you follow the git flow model. The reason to rebase is to have a neat, simple and tidy history.

If you’re afraid of doing a bad, here’s why it’s just as easy to get yourself out of a bad rebase as it is a bad merge, thanks to the mythical reflog.

Monday morning meltdown, an example

So, let’s say it’s Monday morning you come into finish up working on release ticket, and you do what I would call: “a bad”, and rebase your topic branch onto dev when you actually intended to rebase your topic branch onto release, so it goes…

Keep calm and carry on. We can easily solve this by looking at the reflog, finding the commit you made before you rebased and the resetting hard back to that commit.

Here’s a example to make things crystal clear:

This is an example of the output caused by invoking git reflog. Reading from the bottom to the top you can follow the history of actions I made.


  1. I made a new repo and initial commit with the message: “Initial commit in master.” (@{10})
  2. I make a couple of branches, dev and my_topic_branch (@{9}-@{6})
  3. I make a commit in my dev branch with the message: “Making a newer commit in dev.” (@{5})
  4. I goto my topic branch and make a commit that I know will cause a conflict with the commit I just made in dev, the commit in my topic branch has the message: “Making the newest commit in my_topic_branch.” (@{3})
  5. I then rebase my topic branch onto dev, fix the conflict I constructed and finish the rebase. (@{3}-@{0})

So this is what the history looks like in my topic branch after rebasing my topic branch onto dev:

After rebasing

This brings us to the present. I realize that I made a mistake by rebasing my topic branch onto dev and want to go back to the commit I made in my topic branch prior to rebasing:

git reset --hard HEAD@{5}

And my topic branch is once again in the state in which it was before I rebased:

Before rebasing

Crisis averted.

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Written: October 31st, 2011
Categories: git, rebase, reflog